Above: A trip this year to 10 Downing Street ...Coronation Celebration for two of our Young People, who have supported others in our group, and recently achieved a Young Person of the Year Award

Meeting on a month by month basis for young people aged 14 to 25 our Connexions 4 Youth project is not only involved in activities at the Hub but also in the community.
Activities to date include peer to peer learning, litter picks, fundraising, youth socials and planning, organising and staffing open days at the Hub.   
Each year we organise a day trip to the seaside or a theme park for members. There are also many more opportunities to visit cities around the UK year on year. To date we have taken Connexions 4 Youth to conferences in Bristol, visited London and the Houses of Parliament, had trips to Manchester and Nottingham too.                                                                                                            
                          For more information contact Casey on: 07940 402644 or call...                                                          Connexions Hub on a Tuesday or Friday on 01427 678695

Click the images above for a view of the NCS Young People who have supported our projects during 2015 through to 2019

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